Being a trapezoid

by Kat

Some of us are trapezoids.

But some of us are trapezoids…

Dear readers, I’m currently working on another piece for the blog about divergent thinking — oh grad school, making sure this time of year is ridiculously busy — but meanwhile I’ll share a poem I submitted to friend for an event in which she’s participating. My womyn’s writing circle has been a source of comfort this semester. As I typed out this poem from my little brown notebook (finished my first one about a month ago and was pretty excited about that!), I was reminded of how writing spaces have been a safe havens for me this semester. Change is scary, and I’ve had plenty of it,  between the new program and the growing realization that I’ll need to find another job for next fall — oh applications, I have become quite familiar with you. I’m beginning to think one never really stops applying for things, be it schools or employment, even volunteer programs.

So here’s my poem about being different and realizing finding one’s fit (if that’s even possible) is a process: Trapezoid, a prosy-poem by Aspergirl

So my trapezoidal readers, go and be awesome. You are anyway, regardless of whether you believe that about yourself.