So who is this Aspergirl anyway?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember — be it through poetry, journaling, short prose pieces, or just excerpts in the margins of my notebooks, but this is the first time I’ve tried blogging. Also, I’m a voracious reader, might even call myself a bibliophile. I enjoy learning for learning sake and being pulled into the elaborate worlds of fiction.

So, my dear reader, you might be asking, “Why start blogging now?” Well, it’s a long story, but the short version involves being in graduate school and working with people who have autism spectrum conditions (ASC).

Some of these young people call themselves “Aspies” or “autistic,” while others prefer “person on the autism spectrum.” Labels are a funny thing, and only as useful as the resources or understanding they can provide.

During my research, I started reading first-person narratives written by people with ASC and realized how much their stories seemed consistent with my own interpersonal history. Something finally clicked in my mind when I read Rudy Simone’s book, Aspergirls, and thought, “This writer gets me; I wonder why that is.”

My entire life, I’ve been adapting to social situations, so I’ve picked up quite a few strategies (workarounds, I suppose), some of which I can share with my students. So this blog is a continuation of that journey toward self-understanding and passing on what I learn to others.

If you wish to continue the conversation, you can also follow me on Twitter (@Ask_anAspergirl) or Tumblr (ask-an-aspergirl). Take what you need and leave the rest.

Sidenote: If we have met offline (in the supposed “real world”), and I shared the blog’s URL with you, please don’t tell people who I am. Feel free to share the link with trustworthy friends, but please protect my identity. Thank you.

Postscript: Since I started this blog in February 2013, I’ve found a community of Autistic women like me, via WordPress and Twitter. I researched what it could mean to seek formal diagnosis of ASD and received my official label (oh, gatekeeping…) in April 2015.

I’m still figuring out what it means to be Autistic, to have an Autism Spectrum condition. Perhaps I’m writing my own narrative. May we listen to each others’ stories and recognize our becoming together.

And further:  I started a private Instagram last summer: @askanaspergirl.   It’s an extended narrative on my daily adventures as a disabled girl [OCD + GAD + c-PTSD + MDD-anx + ADHD-C + autism spectrum = my brain is a cat lady for clinical labels in DSM-5] with a service terrier named Marty. And an orangey tabby named TC, who’s my ESA [emotional support animal] at my apartment [home].